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The Q-SAGD™ & Q-WARP™ are part of Ruma Products suite of solutions designed for steam-assisted gravity drainage applications (SAG-D).


High Temperature Swellable Packer Solutions

The Q-SAGD™ and Q-WARP™ product lines were designed for simple onsite slip-on installation onto casing or tubing in SAGD injection wells. The design features a high-temperature (HT) swelling element in combination with Ruma Products’ unique slip-on O-ring free design, eliminating the need for bonding agents throughout the swellable packer assembly.


Depending on fluid exposure details and application parameters, a suitable combination of compounds is applied. Each product is custom designed to suit the well specifications; providing a short term seal in combination with long term resistance to high temperatures.


Swellable packer

Our Q-WARP™ product line design features two water-swelling elements straddling an HT elastomer section located in the center of the swellable packer.


The design, intended for installation in SAG-D production wells and geothermal applications, utilizes the outer water-swelling elements to protect the HT elastomer section and confine it in place during oil production while maintaining a reliable long-term seal. The Q-WARP™ also utilizes Ruma Products’ unique slip-on O-ring free design.


Q-SAGD™ (injection wells) and Q-WARP™ (production wells) are a unique solutions for high temperature SAG-D wells and can be utilized in other high temperature applications such as geothermal well zonal isolation.



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