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Underground Storage Industry

Advanced sealing solutions

Underground storage wells are commonly utilized to safely accumulate and contain various liquid and gaseous material resources within impermeable geological formations for subsequent utilization.

Ruma Products

Swellable Packers

As the industry evolves through global energy transition efforts, many parts of the world increasingly depend on underground storage wells for energy storage to support consumption and environmental requirements. Moreover, the need for underground storage well facilities is expected to exponentially intensify with the emergence of carbon and hydrogen storage markets in many regions across the globe.


Optimal material selection and well construction practices are critical aspects considered as part of underground storage well planning and execution. Ruma Products’ portfolio of swellable packer solutions for underground storage well applications include a wide range of swelling elastomer compounds and tailored product designs. The following is an overview of swellable packer applications commonly found throughout the underground storage well industry:


  • Cement Assurance and Optimization
  • Custom-Made Elastomeric Seals (non-swellable and swellable products)
  • Well Construction & Remediation

Ruma Products swellable packers provide several benefits for underground storage applications including sustained annular pressure prevention as well as zonal isolation.


Underground Storage Well Products: