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Geothermal Wells

Advanced Sealing Solutions

As the energy sector shifts towards increased environmental sustainability as part of global energy transition efforts, there is growing interest in Ruma Products’ swellable packer technology for various renewable energy applications and industries.


In the geothermal energy industry, Ruma Products’ swellable packers play an essential role in well construction, zonal isolation, and cement assurance while providing long-term reliability given the challenging nature of these wells with elevated temperatures, specialty wellbore fluids, highly corrosive environments, and dynamic well conditions.

Ruma Products

Suite of Solutions for the Geothermal Energy Industry

Our elastomers provide effective long-term reliability given the challenging nature of geothermal well conditions with elevated temperatures, specialty wellbore fluids, highly corrosive environments as well as dynamic well conditions.


Geothermal well construction operations are quite similar to the experiences encountered in oil and gas applications. In the case of geothermal applications, there are exceptional difficulties associated with extreme wellbore conditions commonly encountered in geothermal wells. It is therefore critical to ensure optimal material selection and stringent product qualification for downhole equipment utilized in geothermal applications given the critical importance of well integrity from a safety and environmental standpoint.


The following is an overview of swellable packer applications commonly found throughout this industry:


  • Cement Assurance and Optimization
  • Custom-Made Elastomeric Seals (non-swellable and swellable products)
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Inflow Control
  • Well Construction/Completions
  • Production Optimization
  • Reservoir Stimulation

Swellable packers

High-end elastomer technology

Swellable packers offer several advantages including the capability of operating in high-temperature and corrosive environments. They provide an effective and cost-efficient solution for zonal isolation and cement assurance, contributing to the overall success and performance.


At Ruma Products we specialize in custom solutions and developing elastomers that meet specific requirements.


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