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Industrial roller coating is one of the pillars on which the Ruma Group is built.

Our years of experience in various industries have given us insight into the challenges our customers face

Roller coating

Ruma Rubber, the leading manufacturer of rubber linings for industrial rollers.

Ruma Rubber provides best-in-class solutions tailored to client challenges and needs. Due to our vast expertise in rubber compounding, we already have suitable compounds within our product portfolio capable of addressing some of the most complex challenges found within the industry. We currently have over 300 active compounds available for a wide range of applications, and our R&D department is constantly pushing the limits of our technology in order to proactively stay ahead of industry demands.


Our unique position as a leading manufacturer is strengthened by extensive investment in R&D equipment and capabilities. Our in-house laboratory is comprised of state-of-the-art testing equipment, which enable our R&D staff to effectively select, develop, and optimize compounds with continuous attention to process and product improvement. In this way we contribute, for example, to extending durability and improving the customer’s production process. Our goal: Putting elastomers to work!


Providing the best technological solution is part of the cooperation we want to establish with our customers. We do this with a team of motivated, committed and service-oriented people who always want to go the extra mile for the best result.

Our goal:

Putting elastomers to work

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Covering industrial rollers can be done with different materials, tailored to the application.

In response to market needs, we develop rubber compounds for various industries.


In doing so, we take into account common properties of the rubber in combination with the set requirements.


A perfect finish for every type of roller coating

We can finish the surface of the roller to meet customer specifications. This is done in our state-of-the-art machinery.


Our craftsmen work with passion and precision to ensure a perfect finish and optimal performance.


Capacity Coating:

  • Diameter: c.a. 1600mm
  • Length: c.a. 8,000mm
  • Weight: c.a. 9 tons
In addition to our roller coating services, we provide complete rollers, including metal roller core

We supply complete roller assemblies for brand new industrial machines in addition to our standard roller coating services. We offer maintenance, repair, and rubber compound optimization among the possibilities. Our services can be extended to the supply of bearings and/or other body parts.


Our international customer base consists of companies in various industrial sectors, where the emphasis is on high quality and performance. We are committed to achieving short delivery times at a competitive price.

Service & craftsmanship

Our production, the heart of our company

Ruma’s production process runs under the most stringent quality control systems in the industry. We are able to deliver our rollers Turn-Key while taking care of shaft, bearing, and bearing block assembly.

Critical importance is placed on optimal product packaging and on-time delivery requirements.


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In-house balancing

In addition to static balancing, we also offer in-house dynamic roller balancing services, which can save costs and improve delivery times.

It is possible to balance the cores both before and after coating, this way we can guarantee that the roller has no imbalance.


Balancing is particularly suitable for high-speed rollers and is possible within the following sizes:

  • Weight 10 kg – 1000 kg
  • Diameter 50 mm – 500 mm
  • Length 270 mm – 3800 mm