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Groundwater Industry

Advanced Sealing Solutions for Groundwater Applications

Groundwater exploration and production has a wide range of purposes and applications worldwide. The most prominent utilization for groundwater production is for drinking, irrigation, and industrial applications.

Ruma Products

Swellable Packers for Water Wells

As gaining direct access to water resources become more challenging,  many parts of the world increasingly depend on groundwater production as a main source of fresh water. Moreover, the need for groundwater production is expected to exponentially intensify with emergence of accelerated urban development in developing countries.


Optimal material selection and well construction practices are critical aspects considered as part of groundwater well planning and execution. Ruma Products’ portfolio of swellable packer solutions for groundwater applications include a wide range of swelling elastomer compounds and tailored product designs. The following is an overview of swellable packer applications commonly found throughout the ground water industry:


  • Cement Assurance and Optimization
  • Custom-Made Elastomeric Seals (non-swellable and swellable products)
  • Zonal Isolation
  • Well Construction & Remediation
  • Well Intervention

Ruma Products swellable packers provide many benefits for groundwater applications. Our groundwater elastomer compounds have been qualified by some of the industry’s most stringent regulatory bodies given the industry requirements for food-bearing materials and relevant safety requirements.

Products for Water Wells :