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Besides the successes we have achieved and the years of development of our products, there are still many opportunities ahead of us.

We are working hard on smarter systems, and sustainability and efficiency play a major role in this.

There are many challenges ahead for Ruma in the Infrastructure market.

At Ruma Products B.V., we are busy exploring new application possibilities. We are focusing initially on the Dutch infrastructure technology market. After careful market research, we have concluded that current sealing systems do not always work properly in this industry. Contractors also value user-friendliness, durability, and innovation. These are aspects to which Ruma Products B.V. believes it can respond well with a product range under the brand name ElastiQ.

Ruma Products


With our ElastiQ range, we want to offer innovative solutions for challenging infrastructural issues. Examples include the sealing of wall penetrations, expansion joints in quay walls or tunnel construction and the sealing of sheet piling with a connection to a quay wall.


In addition to developments at Ruma Products, we have been producing high-quality seals and cuff joints for pipes and sewer pipes for many years.


For more information about our infrastructural solutions, feel free to contact us.