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The Q-SEAL™ is a robust bonded-to-pipe swellable packer designed for zonal isolation applications such as multistage fracturing, in-flow control, water shut-off, reservoir stimulation and cement assurance.


Bonded-to-Pipe Swellable Packer

The Q-SEAL™ swellable packer provides long- term reliability and can be run as integral part of smart well completions, where control lines or flat-packs are run along-side the production casing.

The Q-SEAL™ product line is available with sealing elements that swell in oil, water, or in both (hybrid compound).


Additional features may include integrated control line slots, flat packs or shunt tubes. For safe running in hole and to comply with the metallurgy of the base pipe, the Q-Seal™ is available with either metallic (i.e. 13Cr, Incoloy) or high abrasion resistant elastomeric running guides.


With the swelling elastomer directly bonded onto oilfield tubulars, the Q-Seal™ is available in all OCTG sizes up to 24” and wrapped and vulcanized on pipe lengths up to 40ft long. Swelling seal element length and OD are be designed to meet specific well conditions in a case-by-case, per well basis.


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