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Oil & Gas Industry

Advanced sealing solutions

Ruma Products’ swellable packer technology has been continuously utilized at a global scale in a wide variety of oil and gas applications for over 20 years.

Ruma Products

Swellable packers

Our swellable packer products are available in sizes ranging from 2-3/8” tubing to 30” conductor casing and can be bonded directly onto oilfield tubulars or simply slipped-on externally onto a tubing mandrel on location. Our swellable packer technology is commonly utilized for the following oil and gas applications:


  • Cement Assurance and Optimization
  • Zonal Isolation in Conventional & Unconventional Completions
  • Coalbed Methane Zonal Isolation
  • Smart-Well Completions (control line, feed-through packers)
  • Steam Assistance Gravity Drainage (SAG-D) Operations
  • Custom-Made Elastomeric Seals (non-swellable and swellable products)
  • Zonal Isolation Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Inflow Control
  • Sand-Screen Completions / Sand Management
  • Water Shut-off / Production Optimization
  • Reservoir Stimulation
  • Plug and Abandonment
  • Formation Stimulation

With over 80,000 swellable packer units sold globally to date, Ruma Product’s position as a leading O&G equipment supplier remains as strong as ever. Our technology is constantly evolving to stay ahead of industry demands with well conditions increasingly pushing the envelope to deeper setting depths with higher downhole temperatures and pressures.

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