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Q-SOX™ is the industry’s first elastomeric cement integrity sleeve developed for cement annular gas migration prevention.


Elastomeric Cement Integrity Sleeve

Q-SOX™ is  an innovative and unique elastomeric cement integrity annular sleeve which was developed with the objective of cement assurance optimization and annular gas migration prevention.


Distinctly different in comparison to a conventional swellable packer, Q-SOX™ is a thin elastic swelling seal designed for onsite slip-on installation externally onto oilfield tubulars; it is a high-value solution capable of swelling and establishing an effective casing-to-cement seal in the event of micro-annular flow path emergence throughout cemented casing and tubing sections.

With over 1,500 successful global installations to date, Q-SOX™ is available in a wide range of sizes compatible with oilfield tubulars ranging from 2-7/8” tubing to 30” conductor casing. The technology does not require additional downhole components, moving parts, or operational actuation for its activation. It is designed to swell and seal a micro-annular flow path immediately upon direct exposure to wellbore fluids after cement displacement.


By preventing gas migration in critical barriers, Q-SOX™ provides increased value given significant CAPEX & OPEX savings as a result of elimination of remedial cementing requirements and operational simplification prior to plug and abandonment decommissioning activities.

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