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Our history

Since Ruma was founded in 1937, we have become the specialist in elastomer technology.

  • 2023

    Start construction

    In 2023, construction started on our new Olgrum production site in Poland
  • 2022

    API-Q1 Quality system

    Specifically for the oil&gas industry, Ruma Products implemented the API-Q1 quality system in 2022
  • 2022

    85 years Ruma

    In 2022, we got to celebrate Ruma’s 85th anniversary with a smashing party
  • 2016

    Building Ruma Products

    Since 2016, Ruma Products has been located in the building on Lindbergstraat 45 in Hoogeveen
  • 2011

    Foundation of Ruma Products

    Ruma Products was founded in 2011 after developing swelling elastomers for the oil and gas industry
  • 2009

    ISO certification

    In 2009, we were ISO certified 14,001
  • 2008

    New R&D building

    In 2008, a new building was built at Lindbergstraat 47 in Hoogeveen for Research & Development
  • 2006

    Construction of new production plant Poland

    In 2006, a new production plant was built in Olkusz Poland for our Olgrum Branche
  • 2004

    Ruma awarded

    In 2004, Ruma was awarded Drenthes Enterprise of the Year!
  • 2001

    Development of water-swelling compounds

    In 2001, Ruma Products developed water-swelling elastomers for applications in the Oil & Gas industry
  • 2000

    New building Ruma Hoogeveen

    In 2000, a new factory and Ruma headquarters were built in Hoogeveen at 49 Lindberghstraat.
  • 1996

    Founding Olgrum Polen

    In 1996, our Olgrum production site was established in Olkusz Poland
  • 1992

    ISO certification

    In 1992, we were ISO certified 9001- 2000
  • 1937

    Founding Ruma Rubber

    In 1937, Ruma was established as a rubber factory that produced various rubber products