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Custom solutions

We excel at providing best-in-class services & solutions tailored to your challenges and needs

Developing customized solutions for specific applications in partnership with our customers

With a large portfolio of rubber compounds, Ruma is ideally positioned to provide a fit-for-purpose solution

Ruma has over 300 active compound formulations for a wide range of applications and industries. Specific high technical knowledge has been established through patents and intellectual property.


For new technology applications exceeding the boundaries of our standard compound portfolio, we are happy to use our elastomer expertise to develop a fit-for-purpose customized solution.


We work closely with our customers in order to combine their application knowledge and experience with Ruma’s rubber technology knowledge to achieve the best results. New rubber compounds are developed based on functional and/or technical specifications. Our services also go beyond compound development by helping our clients setting up associated production processes in an effective, safe and timely manner.

The flowing disciplines required for customized product development are available in-house:


  • Compound development 
  • Process development 
  • Product development 
  • Tool development 
  • Product qualification and testing


Do you have a complex issue or want more information about our solutions? Feel free to contact us.

At Ruma, we are performance oriented

Results count and we achieve best-in-class results by being strategic and resourceful

We envision solutions where others perceive problems. Our specialists always combine knowledge and experience with passion to achieve the highest possible result.

High-quality elastomer products that make a difference!


Examples of customization and innovation

A project of Ruma in development, a nice example of close cooperation with our customers

We enjoy taking on the challenge of helping our customers develop innovative production processes, solve problems or provide solutions in case of a highly specific challenge. For example, we have recently used our knowledge and capabilities to solve a problem for a textile industry client.


The product this customer works with previously contained an ingredient that needed to be replaced while maintaining performance specs due to stringent health requirements. This particular ingredient contains specific properties which were required to keep the production process running smoothly and could not easily be replaced.


Our laboratory has developed a new compound suitable for use in the textile industry that contains no components classified as harmful to health. All tests at Ruma’s laboratory have been completed and have gone well.

At our client’s premises, the newly developed compound is currently being extensively tested in practice so that, after the client’s approval, it can be put into use.

Ruma contributes to the sustainability of the energy market

The connectors supplied by Ruma Rubber are an example of a customized collaboration. Here, the entire process of arriving at the production of connectors was developed in consultation with the client. Now Ruma supplies a wide range of high voltage connectors for a range between 50kV and 550kV in series production.

Water-swelling elastomers

Ruma Products’ water-swelling elastomers is another great example of innovation. These products were introduced to the market in 2001 for the oil & gas industry.


Today, our water-swelling elastomers are used worldwide to optimize well production. We produce Swellable Packers at our locations in Hoogeveen and Dubai. The development is ongoing. Click here for currently available applications.