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Ruma R&D

Research and development is an important part of our success

Our R&D

Ruma is uniquely experienced in elastomer technology and actively invests in Research & Development

With our in-depth knowledge of elastomers and modern advanced equipment, we are able to advise our customers in the best possible way. We are the right choice when it comes to developing and manufacturing products for customer specific applications. In addition, we are able to provide comprehensive analysis with reporting for optimizing your current product.


Our expertise

We develop and manufacture customized products for specific industrial applications


With our in-house knowledge and equipment, we can add value and stand out in the market.


Our specialized engineers are strong in constructing and drawing molds. Optimization of products and cores is also among the possibilities.

Our R&D is consultant to and solver of complex problems, for this we offer high-tech elastomeric products

We are a reliable partner for commissioning:

  • development of compounds
  • development of products
  • development of processes
  • chemical and mechanical failure analyses
  • ¬†development of functional testing of rubber products


For this purpose, our R&D department has a modern equipped laboratory with highly trained skilled employees.

The analyses we are able to perform at Ruma:



  • Chemical analysis
  • Producibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Failure analysis



  • Mechanical properties
  • Dynamic properties
  • HTHP testing
  • Sealing properties
  • Failure analysis

We are always on the move

looking for better and smarter

At Ruma, we think beyond technology and immerse ourselves in the world of our customers and end users. We are development-oriented, creative and think in terms of opportunities and possibilitie

Operational excellence

From the R&D department, projects are carried out with the aim of continuous improvement of ongoing production programs. Here we focus on:

  • Quality assurance and improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Improving delivery reliability
  • Troubleshooting
  • Continuity (especially of raw materials/development of substitutes and equivalents)