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Our R&D department

Research and development is an important part of our success

Olgrum R&D

We develop and manufacture customized products for specific industrial applications

Our Research and Development department consists of a design section and a laboratory. The design section is responsible for designing new rubber and polyurethane moulded products as well as printing- and industrial rollers. We are able to design, draw and construct traditional or redrawn moulds as well as so-called zero moulds and devices.


At Olgrum we research the chemical and mechanical possibilities of our rubber compounds and constantly test the capabilities of using new components. This enables our company to improve our products and actively respond to the market and our customers’ needs. We develop and produce the materials we use in the manufacturing process and apply them in the following areas:

  • Rubberizing of rollers and sleeves
  • Rubber linings
  • Standardized technical rubber products
  • Series production of rubber rollers
Our expertise

Our main goal is to optimize our production process to ensure the highest quality

Optimizing our manufacturing process in order to achieve the highest quality is our key target. The final products have been constantly controlled, analyzed, and inspected.


Every activity is carried out based on the formalized quality management system certified by B.V.Q.I. and usage of modern equipment.