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RUMA Rubber: Perpetual perfection

Ruma Rubber, with more than 250 original compounds, is a European trendsetter. Our core business is roller covering, in which we are the undisputed leader in the Benelux.

Ruma Rubber continuously introduces new, high-quality materials, applications and products onto the market. Our modern Research & Development department has the expertise and the equipment to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the market. Our products are durable and perform excellently under the severest conditions. We are always striving for perfection: perpetual perfection.


To develop, engineer, test, reproduce and supply coatings, elastomers according to our customers specifications, on the basis of our innovative capacity, our competence and our unique standards, which products will be used in technical moulded products, industrial rolling mills, rollers, oil/water swellable sealing systems, High Voltage accessories and specials.


Ruma will sustain and expand its leading position as a trendsetter in the development, production, testing and supply of high-grade compounds and products. To ensure we can meet the needs of our customers and be successful in a rapidly transforming industry, we need to carry a policy of corporate social responsibility, continuously invest in R&D and adopt new materials and technologies.

A career with Ruma Rubber

Ruma Rubber offers employment opportunities within various specializations. Whether you wish to work in a production environment, creating any of a huge range of roller coverings, or in the office organizing the planning of our operations, we have plenty of job opportunities. Ruma Rubber has positions available at every level of the organization, from production-line worker to laboratory researcher. We would like to hear about your interests and ambitions. You will find more information about Ruma Rubber as an employer and current vacancies elsewhere on this website.

Internships and Final Projects

Are you looking for an interesting and stimulating internship placement? We might have an opportunity for you. We often have placements available for interns in our organization. Some departments have placements available year round.

Open applications

We often need new personnel even though there may be no active vacancies listed. Qualified and motivated people are invited to write to the following e-mail address: info@ruma.nl f.a.o. personnel department.

Contact Ruma Rubber directly

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